How does the wallet work?
If you click on 'Start a Video Call' a toll free phone number will appear. Call this number on your mobile.

20 free credits on first call
When you call for the very first time, you will receive 20 credits for free!

Buy credits
Any time you want buy additional credits, go to to top up your wallet with new credits. You can buy these credits safely and discreetly via credit card.

Enter the mobile phone number you will be calling with. You don't have to include an international country code but make sure you are on the correct international page.
Then enter the same number a second time to make sure you did not make any typos.

Then choose a payment method and click on the 'Pay now' button. You will be sent to the appropriate payment page of your own bank or credit card company. If the payment has been successfully completed, you will automatically receive the new credits in your wallet. You will also hear your new credit balance the next time you call.

Using the credits
Besides using the credits to make a video call, you also have the option to give presents or use them to control a lady's sextoy.

There will be no mention of 'credits', 'sex', or 'video chat' on your statement. The payment notification is 'Payswitch S (mall) / M (edium) / L (arge) etc pack [your telephone number]' and possibly a mention of (the company that takes care of the payments securely and encrypted for you).

You can delete your wallet at any time and anonymize your data.